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When the cause for cracking in structural members is identified, concrete and other materials can be permanently bonded back together by use of epoxy injection. Special low viscosity, moisture tolerant, high strength epoxies are injected under pressure to achieve full penetration into the crack. IIS employs use of the most modern equipment and application techniques to assure quality application including:

Chemical & Cementitious Pressure Grouting

  1. Slab stabilization
  2. Soil stabilization

Concrete Repairs/Pressure Grouting

  1. Cut out, remove, sandblast, scarify and dowel area to be patched/filled
  2. Reinforce with steel and/or welded wire mesh
  3. Patch/fill with concrete of appropriate mix design or suitable polymer concrete
  4. Epoxy injection of cracks for structural repairs and waterproofing

Urethane injection of cracks for waterproofing

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