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Used to protect building substrates against mechanical abuse or chemical attack, resinous flooring systems are produced at the construction site by applying resin, hardener and an aggregate and troweled on top of the concrete.  IIS possesses the skills and experience to assure the job is done with the highest quality.  Resinous flooring system applications are many, including:

Heavy Duty Floor Surfacings

  • Abrasion and  impact resistant surfacings for aisleways, loading docks, pallet and  drum storage areas
  • Surfacings resistant to thermal shock for areas of hot water/steam washdowns and hot spills
  • Breathable surfacings for areas subject to moisture migration from below slab
  • Conductive, anti-static and static dissipating systems for solvent storage areas, other hazardous environments and sensitive areas
  • Cold temperature curing floors for freezers, cold areas and areas that require fast-turnaround.
  • USDA and FDA approved applications

Elastomeric Membranes

  • Waterproof membranes for use under monolithic surfacings and acid brick and quarry tile on suspended slabs to prevent leakage to occupied areas below
  • Traffic-bearing membranes for pedestrian and/or vehicular traffic where a high incidence of cracking and leakage exists, for parking garages, pedestrian walkways, and balconies
  • Corrosion-proof elastomeric membranes for use over concrete where corrosive reagents could penetrate through future cracking

Decorative Floor Surfacings

  • Epoxy quartz flooring
  • Vinyl flake flooring


  • Epoxy terrazzo
  • Sand cushion terrazzo
  • Cement terrazzo
  • Flexible rubber terrazzo
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