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The Golden Rule of Polished Concrete Maintenance

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IIS offers numerous services associated with polished concrete including:

  • Polished concrete with and without color dyes.
  • Polished concrete for industrial use in manufacturing plants and environments
  • Polished concrete for commercial functions.
  • Re-polishing concrete, terrazzo and other decorative flooring.
  • Maintenance of polished surfaces.

Concrete polishing is a continuous, multiple-step grinding process using increasingly finer diamond abrasives until the surface becomes highly polished with a deep gloss. While some installers “dry-grind” from beginning to end, IIS “wet-grinds” when using all metal-bond diamond abrasives, and when using resin-bonded diamond abrasives with grit sizes coarser than 150. IIS recycles wet slurry with state-of-the-art filtering equipment (watch video), which separates the cementitious slurry into clean, re-usable water and hard cementitious“cakes” which can be used as fill.

Following wet-grinding, 200 grit resin-bond diamonds and finer are used in dry-grinding the balance of the polishing process. Powerful industrial vacuums are attached to our 30 horsepower grinders to efficiently minimize airborne dust. Dry-grinding is typically accomplished using resin bond diamonds in grit sizes of 100, 200, 400, 800, 1,500 and 3,000.

IIS is a Certified Installer of ProSoCo Consolideck and L&M Permashine polishing systems.

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